2 comments on “Update on my homeopathic gout treatment

  1. I found your blog by Googling “celery seed gout”. Just purchased a bottle to treat early stages of the condition. My flare ups are mild compared to yours but I have a family history of gout (dad, uncle) and want to avoid painful attacks in the future. When do you take your supplements? Morning, evening, before/after meals, etc.

  2. Hi Gout Granny,

    First let me say thanks for stopping by. For my supplements I take them in the morning and evening. For me I found it easier to take them with my breakfast and dinner. I think I am a little old school with anything I take and always figure I should take it with food. I will give you a heads up that the celery seed extract gave me gas for the first couple of days. The tart cherry did not have any side effects but it does take some getting use to. Some people put it in smoothie’s or mix it with another liquid. I just put it in a shot glass and shoot it down. Some of my posts also mention the water I drink. The best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you maintain fluid in your system. Mainly, water. A lot of people don’t know this but if you become dehydrated your uric acid levels will jump and spark a flare up. Water also helps keep your kidney’s regular and helps get rid of excess uric acid on a consistent basis. Try your best to stay away from high-fructose drinks as they can also cause a flare up.
    Lastly, stay consistent with the supplements. I had a attack a couple weeks ago in my ankle. I have no doubt that they helped control it and it only lasted a few days as compared to a week or more that it use to be. They say for both the celery seed extract and the tart cherry that it may take up to 8 weeks for you to really get the benefits.

    Good Luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

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